F.K.N.S. MALACHITE Pt.#1 Fane jumped as the angry mental cry reached her mind. It was powerful and she could feel the approaching Reaction Headache that usually resulted from raw contact. As the pain receded she was able to think clearly. She didn't recognize the mental pattern of the sender, but the fact that it had reached gave her a large amount of information of the source. She slid down a pile of glowing stones. She'd formed them a long time ago. Most of them she was planning on giving her friends when she returned. She realized that she hadn't been home in a long time and resolved to visit after finding the one who'd called to her. She laid down the smooth yellow stone she was holding, reading herself to search for the sender. She relaxed in the gem dunes that she lived in. She sent out a call to Centerpoint, who just happened to be Fairl, and asked to borrow the power to teleport. Now, she was very powerful, but she didn't have that talent. Fairl agreed, saying that Sabere was hibernating and hers was available. With the teleporting power, she located the origin of the call and focused on it. She then promptly disappeared. She appeared in a dark corridor with ragged stone walls. She heard sounds of a battle from an opening a few feet away. She walked into a large room. Six girls stood on the floor towards the back wall. Across from them, up in the air, was a young man. He had long green hair. He wore grey clothes and a grey cape. As Fane assessed the situation, the man threw some energy at the girls. It blocked Fane's vision and annoyed her so she teleported it away. They all looked to her. The six girls took her as a friend and the young man obviously took her as an enemy. He formed a larger sphere of energy and hurled it at her. Fane was captivated by it. Dark blue, purple, and green flashed in it. She put her hand out to it. His face showed genuine surprise. This was obviously not expected. The energy ball stayed suspended just above her hand. She ran her other hand over it as if giving it a caress and it turned to stone. The colors remained and kept swirling. She shrunk it and teleported it back to her collection. She heard something and looked up. Someone stood in front of her. She had long brown hair and green eyes. She wore a yellow body suit and short skirt with green bows. This was Feithe Thrine, another member of her circle. She spoke mind to mind as the others continued the conflict. {What are you doing here, Fane?} she demanding in a concerned mental tone. {I sensed a counterpart.} Fane said innocently. Feithe grimaced, {There is only me.} One of her friends fell. {I must help the Sailor scouts, go home.} Sailor Wirres turned and walked away. Fane watched the continued fight. None of the girls except Feithe, at the moment, had the power to beat the young man. He seemed to know this and took her out first. She instinctively teleported herself away to heal. However, after that it was a draw. As she watched, she realized that the sender was still there. It hadn't been Feithe. Fane got tired of waiting for them to finish and threw a translucent stone wall between them. Then she teleported the Sailor Scouts to the universe that matched their universal signature and disassembled the wall. A column of the stone that made up the cavern formed a column beneath her feet and rose her to match the young man's level. "Who are you? What are you doing here?!" he demanded angrily, the same anger she had felt previously. She smiled, "I'm Fane and you called me here." "I did not." he stated coldly. Who was this little being to talk to him like that? "Yes, you did. I guess you didn't mean to. Your anger reached me as a mental call. You gave me a really bad Reaction Headache." she said. "Give me one good reason not to destroy you." he said with malice. "Okay," she agreed. "Because you can't." she stated. Then added, "Not without Feithe, Faethe, Faith, Fay, Fairi, Fairl, and Faune coming." He was about to reply but was interrupted by a disembodied voice interrupted him. "Report to me at once!" it said and was gone. He cursed. He'd failed, that was sin enough, but all he had to show for it was this little troublemaker. He decided to bring her to his Queen so she could see for herself. Before he could try to capture her, she volunteered. "Sure, I'll come meet your Queen." Then they both disappeared. They reappeared before a throne with a read haired woman on it. There was a book behind the throne, "10 Best Ways To Take Over a Planet." That would account for the hair, but she didn't know why the throne had disappeared and then reappeared after her. The woman stood, "Who are you?!" she demanded. Fane grinned, "I'm not Who, I'm Fane. Beynew is Who. What are you called?" "I am Green Beryllium of the Spark Pigdom. I mean Bean Berry-gum of the Bark Figdom." She caught herself and started again. "I am Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom." She glowered at the girl in front of her. "What are you?" The young man took his first good look at the girl. She had long hair that was different shades of blue, green, and red depending how you looked at it. It was waist length in the back, but knee length on the sides. Her eyes were made of two stones that changed color constantly. She wore a tight shirt that covered her front, but left her back exposed. Her pants were of the same material, it was a material that affected light in such a way that it seemed to have a rainbow affect. She wore ankle high boots. Her fingernails were also made of stone of different colors. She looked like a human child, but her figure belied that. She stood straight as she pun-ished them some more. "I'm a Gem-in-eye." "A gemini? I wouldn't care if you were a sagging-hairy-us, I mean a Sagittarius." she said, correcting herself. "What are you?" Fane relented, "I'm a Rawk. I come from another universe. Rawks make stones. We can live in open space and underwater because we are all air-heads anyway. We like to take Pun-itive Feathers to anyone who is mean to another per-scum." "Do you also fess up beach, I mean mess up leech, no I mean less up speech, no! dress up-" Beryl tried, but Fane interrupted. "Mess up speech?" she asked. "Yes, we do. One of our greatest leaders even started the Pun-ic Wars. He was a pesk. A pesk is more annoying than a pest who is more annoying than a noid. He really gave a pun-ch. He was taken to the pun- atentiary." "Stop it!" Beryl yelled. "What do you want here? I saw how you ruined my plans before." Fane smiled, "I discovered that he," she pointed to the man. "Is one of my counterparts. He contacted me by accident. I thought he might join the IUB. That is an InterUniversal Being. It is composed of all the different counterparts from different universe that are linked together so they can talk mind to mind and share talents. However, he can't join because at the moment he is evil. I plan to cure him of that, eventually." "My name is Malachite." the man with green hair said. Fane was delighted. "Two stones! Beryl and malachite are both very pretty. I'll have to drop in and say hello sometime!" Then, to the relief of both evil-doers, she disappeared. *2* The Sailor Scouts questioned Feithe as she returned. "Who was that kid anyway?" Moon asked. Feithe grimaced. "That kid, as you call her, is over five hundred years old." "She doesn't act like it." Mars complained. "What is she?" Mercury asked. "Hers must be a long lived species and a powerful one." Feithe nodded. "She comes from an almost identical universe to Xanth, but it is Szanth, you remember. She was a mix of nymph, human, and several other creatures. She lived underground with her great-grandmother Tandy. Unfortunately, the planet exploded. All inhabitants but her were killed. All power went to her. She doesn't know that she is the last. She won't grow up until she mates." "What did she want?" asked Jupiter. Feithe shrugged. "I'm not sure, but it can't bode well. She is good intentioned, but near witless." Then Fane appeared. "Hi Feithe! Guess what?" Feithe looked pained, "What?" "I found some more pretty stones." Fane said cheerfully. She noticed they were in front of a temple. She recognized the Sailor Scouts, even out of transformation. Feithe stifled a groan. Fane was always finding and making new rocks. That was her talent: making rocks and giving them any property she wished. She could also manipulate existing rock. "Really, that's nice. What kind?" Fane formed a chair from the stone beneath her. "A malachite and a beryl. I could have sworn I saw a kaolinite too." "An Amalakyte and Cheryl? I mean Malachite and Queen Beryl?" Venus asked in alarm. Fane was starting to affect them. Fane nodded. "Malachite is my counterpart." Feithe groaned heard that. This made things very complicated. Disaster was still to come though. Fane had noticed Moon's brooch. Naturally, she knew a stone was inside. While Feithe had been thinking, Moon had let her see it. Fane gazed at the stone for a moment and gave it back. "It's pretty powerful, but not user friendly. I've made better." "It can be loser fiendly, I mean can't be user friendly because only certain people must use it." Mercury said. Fane nodded. "Makes sense." She paused then brightened. "Malachite's coming!" Sure enough, Malachite appeared. He seemed different somehow. "Five foam four the swirl, I Live home fore the curl, no! Drive chrome for the hurl-" "I've come for the girl!" Fane translated. He nodded. She laughed, "Where do you want to go?" Feithe interrupted. "Malachite, you should know I'll not let you take her." Fane was jumping up and down in excitement. "Don't worry, I'll take him! We'll go home and he can meet everyone at Castle Rugnut." Feithe cried out, "NO!" But it was too late, the pair had disappeared. She was filled with dread. Feithe's good friend Jupiter supported her. "What's wrong?" "She's not ready!" Feithe said in an animated whisper. "THe shock of finding all her people dead could kill her. We were going to tell her when she finally grew up." But the damage was done. Feithe contacted the IUB, but Fane didn't want to be found. She was powerful enough to lock her universe to outsiders for as long as she wished. Feithe began to pray in ernest. *3* They appeared on her asteroid and Malachite immediately fell into a stone dune, or you might say a stone do not. Fane headed the huge rock back towards home. Malachite knew that he couldn't get her to turn back until she had her fun, but he also suspected she would send him back eventually. It didn't seem to take long, but on the way his gaze became locked on Hypstonize stone and didn't break until he heard a cry of anguish. He shook himself and stood. Fane was staring at the rubble that had once been a planet sized mass. Strangely, he seemed to feel her pain. {Of course you do.} a voice in his mind said. What?! he asked himself. {She told you of IUBs. I am Faye, one of the only ones with more power than she. Even though you are not in the IUB, your close proximity makes up for the lack of a formal link. You must help her or you'll be stuck there forever. Are you willing to help?} He didn't really have a choice. {Fine, if there is no other way. What am I to do?} She explained and he approached the girl who was partially hidden in one of her stone do-nots. "Fane," he said to get her attention. She was simply staring into space. He shook her lightly and she turned her vacant gaze on him. "They're all gone," she whispered. "They never told me. Feithe never told me! WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL ME?" her voice grew louder with each repetition. Malachite didn't know what to say. He just started with what Faye had said. "You can heal your world and make it whole. You have the power. You can bring the water, form the rock, and grow the plants." It took a few moments for that to penetrate through Fane's haze. "But their would be no people. It would be an empty shell." The next part came from him. Faye had told him to improvise. "I believe you can go to the next universe, which is Xanth, and borrow some from there to repopulate the planet." Fane stood and looked at the floating pieces. She knelt on one knee with her arms across her chest. For a moment, nothing happened, but then the pieces began fitting together. Holes were filled in where the rock no longer was. However, the rock they were on did not move to join. The whole it's absence made was filled in with new rock. He saw water cover it and plants begin to grow, but as she said, there was no life. Soon the planet was perfect. Malachite was awestruck. "You are powerful." he said in a low voice. "Not I," Fane told him. "It was DEOS." Then they both disappeared. They appeared outside a castle. A gnome-like man stood waiting. "Finally, I've only so much time to waste. They are waiting for you." he complained. "Thank you, Humphry," Fane said and teleported the large group of mixed creatures to certain places on the planet. *4* Malachite was surprised when she offered to take him on a tour. He agreed, wanting to see the changes he'd helped bring about. He saw dragons, rocs, mermaids, centaurs, and even a human now and then. They stopped at a spring and both drank. The result happened immediately. Fane suddenly realized what a handsome man Malachite was. He in turn found himself admiring her exotic beauty. Fane suddenly realized what had happened. "It's a love spring!" she exclaimed. A spring that makes people fall in love? Malachite suddenly understood all the halfbreeds that were in Xanth and now Szanth. Fane stood, "I'll teleport us home before we do something we'll regret." He began to protest, but appeared in the stony cavern. The love affect had lessened, but still remained. Zoisite didn't even come to mind. *5* Queen Beryl immediately ordered him to continue his original mission. He reluctantly headed back to where he knew the Sailor Scouts were. It started out bad and got worse. First, he had to let them transform so it would be fair. Fair? That had never mattered before. All that had mattered before was getting that damned Imperial Crystal. Secondly, he didn't want to kill them. In conclusion, he was soon defeated. Sailor Moon was about to kill him, but Fane appeared in from of him and took the blow. She crumpled. Feithe stared in shock and then froze. After about a second, she rushed to Fane's side. The girl regained her normal coloring, but didn't wake. She looked to Malachite. He didn't know what was happening. Feithe explained what Faye had told her. "When she helped heal her home, she spread the magic and gave it away. She retains her rock talent and she is borrowing teleportal power, but the rest is gone. She has been thoroughly weakened." "Why did she save me?" he asked. Feithe's face was grave. "She grew up. She can only grow up when she makes a lifebond with another. She has done that." "Who?" he asked. Feithe rolled her eyes, "You! After what you did for her it was deserved. I know you love her." He remembered, "The love spring-" "It's affect was ended when you left the universe so what you feel now is real. She is bonded to you. She is a woman now." Feithe said. Fane woke. "I love you ....................... Malachite was suddenly dizzy, he remembered having a conversation, vaguely. "What happened?" Fane grinned, "That was so no one would be bored by the mushy talk." She turned to Feithe. "We are going to Szanth to stay. He won't bother you again." Then the pair disappeared. *Epilogue* And that is how Malachite disappeared, at least in this universe. The friend, the mend, the trend "You mean the End?" "Yeah that's fit, snit, bit, kit. I MEAN it." ***** F.K.N.S. JEDAITE Pt.#3 Jedaite floated in the starless void. He couldn't move and couldn't speak, even if there'd been someone else to talk to. The clear, hard crystal that encased him made him ache. He'd been there so long, or had he? Time had lost meaning somewhere along the way. He'd been there since the Sailors had defeated him and Queen Beryl had sentenced him to the Forever Sleep. But he wasn't sleeping. He was awake and reliving his condemning defeat. He should have gotten rid of Sailor Moon at the beginning, before she found the others. The damning part of it all was that he would go back if he could. He would do anything to leave this dark coffin. Anything? a dark, evil voice asked. Even serve me? Jedaite was unable to reply, but the voice in his mind continued. I can free you, Jedaite. You can use your power to smite my enemies. I will give you more power so you can take revenge on those who put you here. Jedaite was struck by how much evil was contained in that voice. So much more than Beryl had ever had. He had consented before he had ever even thought of it. He felt the crystal shatter. He then lost consciousness. * He woke in a small dim chamber. He was healed from the wounds that had tormented him so long, but he was tied down. "What is this?!" he shouted. "Release me! I said I'd serve." There was a dark cackle. A person in a hood walked towards him. "And so you shall." A moment later saw that it was an old man. Many of the blood vessels in his face had ruptured. "What are you doing?" Jedaite asked as he was suddenly overcome by fear. The man chuckled again. "Testing you, seeing how powerful you are." "Why?!" Jedaite asked. The man looked down at him wearing look of mocking pity. "To see if I'd rather have your body and power, than mine." At Jedaite's look of terror, he laughed harder. "I'm not sure if it will work, you get to be my second experiment." Jedaite could not help but ask, "What happened to the first?" "He went insane, killed several guards and eventually himself." the old man told him. * Several days later, Jedaite groaned as the man returned yet again. He'd been poked, prodded, cut, hit, and other things that he extremely hated. The man held out his hands. "You're perfect, my friend. Now, I want to see you in action." He flicked a finger and the ties loosened. "Fight me, take revenge on what I'm to do to you." Jedaite was only to happy to comply. He held out his hand and hurled a fistful of black energy at the man. It was absorbed. Several more such attacks were just as useless. The man shrugged. "The combination of our power will make me twofold." He looked into Jedaite's eyes and Jedaite found himself unable to move. He felt his mind being pushed farther away. Then it was being crushed, smaller and smaller. HELP! he cried out to any who could hear him. He felt the last of himself slipping away, but through his battered senses he heard a voice. "Palpitane! Leave him be." a strong authoritative voice ordered. The man's grip on Jedaite's mind abruptly eased. Jedaite painfully opened his eyes. A girl/woman stood before the old man. She had golden hair that hung around her and she wore a dress of pure white. The old man scuttled away. She turned to him. She was beautiful and ageless. "Jedaite, you have asked for help. My master has sent me to save you. If you wish to live, come with me." She held out her hand and he took it slowly. The old man suddenly attacked with lightning out of his hands. She raised a hand and he crumpled to the floor. The room vanished. * They suddenly were on a cloud looking over a fertile land. The girl/woman looked at him. "I am Faye. You can call on me for assistance." She gestured to a white castle behind them. "This is known as the Height. It is the base for a group of DEOS's Own called the Fallendohn. It is run by Faith Sarver. I will leave you in the hands of one you know." Jedaite was shocked. One he knew? "How?" he asked. Faye smiled. She watched as the door opened and two people came out. One was small with multicolored hair and rocks in her skin. She seemed to glow with happiness. The other was taller with long green hair. "Malachite?" Jedaite asked in complete surprise. "How?" The man laughed. "I am Malach now." He looked down at the woman who looked no more than a girl except for her figure. "This is my wife Fane Rawc." Jedaite was too shocked for words, but he made an interrogatory sound. "Huh?" Malach grinned. "One day I was fighting the Sailors and this little troublemaker showed up. She claimed to be me from another universe. She followed me to Beryl, that's probably why I didn't get the same fate as you. She had this annoying talent of making people talk strangely. Anyway, I tried to capture her, but she took me instead. She was going to show me her home universe." His voice became softer at the memory. "The planet was rubble. Her friends hadn't told her because she was so immature. I was offered the choice of being locked in that universe forever or helping her. She was withdrawn. Together we fixed the planet using her phenomenal power. I've never seen so much power. I went back to the Negaverse, but I'd gained an annoying sense of honor. It almost killed me, but she appeared and took the death blow. She'd apparently bonded with me. We've been mated ever since." He face gained a radiance as well. "Now she's pregnant." Jedaite struggled to understand. "These...people, they're good." he said. Malach nodded. "Such as the one who saved you. We all serve the one true God, DEOS. He leads us to love everyone and help others. Imagine what would have happened to you with no one to save you. That's like what it would have been like if God had never sent his son to save those he created. We would die of our own failure. He offers us the gift of eternal life and all we have to do is take it. It's free." Jedaite slowly understood what was being said. "I need time to think." he said. Malach nodded. "Come, stay with us. You have time. There are many rooms and plenty of food to go around." Faye watched with satisfaction as he walked towards the castle. He was almost far enough. Faith Sarver would take him the rest of the way. She went to check on her other projects. *2* Jedaite laughed as his knife hit the bull again. It was lodged in the red center of his eye that was surrounded by yellow and blue. He would have felt guilty had this not been Szanth, a land of puns. Malach was surprised how quickly Jedaite learned. He'd been here for two months only. He'd fit in very well with the people (or should I say creatures? Merwomen, griffins, dragons, nymphs, satyrs, and rocs.) He had made friends with those on the Height as well. Some, like Feithe, still didn't trust him. She was soul mate to one of the Sailors though. Malach thanked the bull who moved on to find anyone else who wanted to play. They started back towards the Height taking an enchanted path. It was a tellem' path. People tended talk a lot when travelling along it. It was magically safe, even from the Stickershock plant that sent out electrifying, sticky leaves. * They arrived back and Fane told them that Faith Sarver wished to speak with them. Jedaite then remembered what Faye had said, ".....called the Fallendohn. It is run by Faith Sarver." Why did she want to see him? Malach led him to a door that seemed to go nowhere but down. Only sky showed. "Are you crazy?" Jedaite asked incredulously. Malach smiled patiently. "This is the portal to Faith's universe. She has a certain sense of humor and while this is a land of puns, you must have faith to go through." Jedaite looked again. The height was daunting. Falling that far would be enough to make you so dead, you might be undead. He thought back over his time in the void. At least if he died he would have had kindness and so far no one had lied to him. He braced himself and walked forward. He appeared in a 1990's earth, suburban area. He was in front of a door. Malach appeared a second after. He knocked on the door. A teenage girl answered the door. She had curly blonde hair. She looked into the house. "Faith, visitors of your type." A girl with blonde hair to the middle of her back walked over. "Hi, Malach!" she said cheerfully. She looked at the other teenager. "Tina, go find Cockroach and bring him." The younger girl ran off. Faith opened the door and the two males walked in. Jedaite was very surprised at her youth. He'd imagined an older woman that lived in a more......different, was the only word he could think of, universe. As if she read his mind, she smiled. "I have counterparts who are thousands of years old. I don't run this on my own." She gestured for them to sit on a large couch. The house was spacious. Malach settled in comfortably. "What can we do for you, Boss? Faith grinned. "Well, Serf you can scrub the floors." Her grin faded. "I didn't call you here to ask you to do anything. I came for you to watch something." She looked to Malach. "I've taken an interest in your universe, the Negaverse as you call it. I've been watching over those who Beryl discards, such as you and Jedaite." A look of pain washed over Malach's face at a painful memory. Faith continued, warily. "I know you've taken on the guilt for Zoisite's death. I've sent someone to save her." Faith's countenance took on a guilty aspect. "I would have done it sooner, but I was afraid you would go back. I couldn't allow Fane to be left behind. So I waited for there to be an.....anchor to hold you here." "The child?" Malach asked. She nodded. "I wish to apologize for waiting so long. I've been selfish and have doubted you." Jedaite was stunned by this confession. From what he'd heard, the Fallendohn was large and powerful. He'd expected her to be like Beryl, a tyrant. But she was the most humble ruler he'd ever known. He felt a longing for what she had, what made her so peaceful and humble. As humble as she was, she definitely had a presence. Malach was very quiet. "May I see?" he asked. Faith nodded. "We would prefer you not interfere until she/he has come to DEOS, if she/he does." Malach nodded. He remembered what he'd been told about the logic holes of the universe. Zoi could be a she or a he. Faith smiled as if a burden had been taken away. Jedaite knew they'd said nothing aloud, but they were linked in an IUB. "Let's go. I'm bringing Shimae with us to hide us if necessary, but we shouldn't be noticed." A short boy walked in. "You called?" Faith nodded. "Will you keep an eye on Surprise while I'm gone?" He smiled. "Sure, where is she?" Faith shrugged. "Somewhere watching us," He nodded. "Fare thee well." The trio appeared in a forest. A girl with short brown hair stood waiting. "Meet Shimae." Faith said. "Shimae meet Malach and Jedaite." She nodded at the young men. Then they appeared in a dark cavern. Malach saw himself standing over a dying Zoisite. "I just want to die pretty." she said softly. Malachite made rose petals swirl around her and turned away vowing revenge. This was where memory and 'reality' clashed. Zoisite's body disappeared. Malachite, who Malach had been, didn't notice. The quartet then appeared in a jungle. A turquoise haired girl touched Zoisite's brow and then disappeared. "What did she do?" Malach asked. "She gave Zoisite ten more minutes to live. That is long enough to be found and saved." Faith said. Something odd happened next. Zoisite began to fade. The turquoise haired girl appeared again. She frowned and then smiled. Two figures appeared. Both had the brown hair an light skin, but one was male and one was female. A she again vanished. Several people in brown robes found them. A young man with light brown hair leaned over them. "Their dying, call Cighal" They then traveled to a point in the near future. The two were just waking up. They were alone in the infirmary. They saw each other and jumped. They were almost well so they stood. "What-" one began. "Are you?" the male finished. A cheerful voice greeted their ears. "Welcome, I see you are feeling better." The young man said. "I am Luke Skywalker, leader of the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4." The two EU's were lost. Why weren't they dead? Who was this mirror image in all but gender? Luke answered their questions as best he could. "God, more commonly called DEOS, has saved you. Your leader tried to kill you and almost succeeded." He sat. "Now as to why there are two of you, I'll try to explain. You understand multiple universes?" They nodded and he continued. "The universe you came from was filled with logic holes. You were both male and female. DEOS made you two people so you could leave your universe." "Why?" one asked. Luke smiled. "Because he loves you. He created you and everything else." He paused. when he continued he was slightly more excited. He mentally called for someone and then turned his attention back to them. "You are not the only two to be Two of One." A younger man with dark hair came in. "Yes?" Luke smiled at his most powerful student. He was part of the Fa IUB. "Kyp, can you ask Sabere and Hakere to come and spend some time?" Kyp nodded and then proceeded with a silent conversation. Kyp smiled. "They will be here shortly." He slipped out. Moments later two people appeared. Faith seemed to put the scene on fast forward. The two EU's were taught by the Fa's to create a bond such as they had. A deep respect was formed by the Zoi's for the two bonded. The Zoi's accepted God as their father and master. The female Zoisite became known as Sioneh. the male became Zoey. Faith almost burst out laughing as she saw what happened next. She now felt very foolish for having waited so long. A relationship developed between Sioneh and Hakere. Then the same between Sabere and Zoey. Faith was shocked. Malach was in no better shape, but he approved. Faith took them back to the Height. Malach was left with much to think about and he wandered off. Jedaite sat on the crow's nest that Laffarynne had built for herself. He called out to Faye with his mind. She appeared, sitting on the edge of the crow's nest looking more 'normal'. At least she wasn't glowing. "Yes?" At first he could think of what to say, then his words came out in a jumble. "Everyone here has a peace... a certainty. They're loving and kind, even the leaders. I.....I.." "You want what they have." Faye finished for him. "You want DEOS's presence in your life." He nodded, suddenly excited. "Yes, that's it!" He seemed like a lost child again. "But I don't know..... what to do?" Faye sighed with a smile. She knelt and pulled him down beside her. "Repeat after me." he nodded. "DEOS, see us, your children reaching out for you. Come into my life. Make whole your creature. Make me yours." He repeated after her. He heard a voice. MY SON, WELCOME. I'VE WAITED FOR YOU AND YOU'VE COME. THANK YOU. YOU ARE NO LONGER THE CREATURE THAT YOU WERE. LIKE MALACH, YOU HAVE CHANGED. YOU ARE NOW JEDIAH, MY SON. And then DEOS was gone. He looked to Faye with joy in his eyes. He suddenly was overwhelmed with a feeling he hadn't really understood before. Before he could speak, Faye did. "Yes, Jediah. I've been waiting for you." No one said I love you, it wasn't necessary. They heard a voice. Faith was called up to them from a window. "Go to DEOS's court now. He wants you there pronto!" Faye shrugged. "I'll take us." They appeared in a Heavenly lit space. A throne was at the far end. They approached and knelt. DEOS spoke. DAUGHTER, YOU HAVE A REQUEST. Faye nodded. "My Lord, I love Jediah. But I feel we can't really be together." WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST? "Only that my Lord reduce me to his level." she said quietly. WHY DO YOU NOT REQUEST HIM TO BE ELEVATED? "It is not my place to ask changes for others, only myself." she answered. DEOS laughed softly. WELL SPOKEN CHILD, I WILL MAKE HIM A T. HE IS RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH AND WILL SERVE ME WELL. Jediah was shocked. A T? "My Lord, how can I thank you?" SERVE ME AND TELL OF ME TO OTHERS. SPREAD MY LOVE TO THOSE IN NEED OF IT AND WATCH OVER MY PEOPLE. "Thank you, My Lord." they both said. GO WITH MY BLESSING, CHILDREN. FARE THEE WELL. * Back at the Height, people crowded around welcoming Jediah. Malach ran out. "Jediah, Fane is in labor!" The two men ran to see the child. Deiglyn would not allow Malach to enter and he paced restlessly. Jediah smiled. "You love her very much." "As much as you love Faye." Malach answered with a smile. They heard a cry and Deiglyn came out. "You may go in." she said. Malach pulled Jediah in with him. Fane lay holding a small bundle. She held it out to Malach who took it in wonder, then froze. Jediah saw why. The small figure was made of a hard substance of a stone. Fane's talent was making and manipulating stones. Malach paled. "Is it..." Fane nodded, "He's alive. He's our greatest creation yet. Isn't he beautiful?" And he was. Malach nodded in awe. Fane was a cross breed of a cross breed of a cross breed, etc. They weren't at all sure what the child would be like. "What shall we name him?" Malach asked. Fane answered playfully, "Ask the godfather." "Me?" Jediah asked. She nodded. He smiled. "His name shall be Litho." Later that night Jediah sat in the chapel singing praises to DEOS. People trickled in and soon it was full. DEOS's powerful presence could be felt. ***** F.K.N.S. Nephlite Pt.#3 Faith Sarver surveyed the new base. It was in her universe, but no one knew where it was. Her counterpart Fairi had found it some time ago. It had taken the entire Water and Sky IUB's to make it habitable. Long ago it had been made by EUT's as a city. It had been abandoned and humans filled it in. Now, it was only a myth. A weathered underwater city where the crust had long since subsided. The humans had called it Atlantis. Now however, the ruin was barely salvageable. A large air pocket had been formed. Laekim and his twin Mikayla, of the Shield IUB were assigned to make sure the Bubble didn't pop. Rebuilding and refurnishing had taken a few more months. Malach, Sioneh, and Zoey had done a large part of it. Jediah did most of the teleporting. They got their food from the OathBound universe in return for transplanting some people to replenish a dying tribe. After a year and a half, the base was ready. Everything gleamed in the light that Sarrilorn provided. It "rose" and "set" as the real sun did. The buildings that were still unclaimed had room for anything someone could bring. They were made of blue stone that alternately heated and cooled. It was a good thing Fane, Malach's wife, lived a long time. She was the stone worker for the previous base, the Height, and now this one as well. Her son, who was made of organic rock, showed the same talent as her, even though he was just a toddler. Faith walked along the street to a small, unimposing building. It had a bedroom, bathroom (the plumbing was the most fun to put in), office, and living room. She'd chosen it to be her place here, though, as leader of the Fallendohn, everyone expected her to have taken the palace. She'd offered the Palace to a group of refugees from many worlds of the StarGate universe. All they had needed now was a name. Someone suggested the Deep (probably the same person who named the Height). Another suggested leaving it as Atlantis. However, neither of these had taken. It had been named by Rogue of the X-men when she visited. She'd mistakenly called it "Avalon". The name had stuck. *1* Faith sat at the desk in her office. She'd compiled lists of the important IUB's and was sending copies to people she though could use them. She had to send them through Com Pewter to get them out of universe. She played with the idea of sending a list to her counterpart Faleoh. The only problem was that it held information that had not yet happened. She shrugged and sent it. There was a mental knock. It was used when people from other universes wanted to teleport in. She acknowledged it. A girl with long brown hair teleported in. She was in the uniform of a Salidihm. Faith smiled broadly. "Welcome, Feithe. It's good to see you." Feithe nodded. "And you as well. You've spent most of your time organizing this base." She looked around. "You've done a good job." "Thank you," Faith said. "But I couldn't have done it without the others." Feithe sat in a large chair on the other side of the desk. Her green eyes clouded. "There is a problem. The Dark Kerrada have a new ally." Faith nodded. "Faethe told me about that. She didn't know who it was though." "I found her." Feithe stated. "It is none other than the infamous Queen Beryl. The DK's are messing with the timeline more than we ever did." Faith groaned. She done her share of meddling with that universe and the one it tried to conquer. "What do you propose?" she asked. Feithe grinned. "Glad you asked. I have a plan." Faith was immediately suspicious. "It wouldn't have anything to do with you taking a team and starting excessive violence, would it?" Feithe nodded. "Something like that." * Faith summoned Malach, Sioneh, Zoey, Sali Jupiter, Sali Ruluth, and Sali Ruluth. The latter two were two parts of the same being. They'd been created by DEOS that way. Sioneh and Zoey were the same, but they had become that way under different circumstances. They'd worked for Queen Beryl. When she was rescued after Beryl tried to kill her, a logic hole existed. She was somehow both male and female at the same time. The problem had been solved by making two of them. The two pairs had married. Sabere to Zoey and Hakere to Sioneh. Malach arrived first. He was tall with long light green hair. His wife Fane was with him. She was short with long multi- colored hair. She had her son Litho with her. He was eighteen months now. Next was Sali Jupiter and Sali Wirres. Sali Jupiter had been a Sailor, but Feithe had taught her to be a Salidihm instead of a Lesser Salidihm. They were Soulmates in the cleanest sense of the term. Sali Jupiter wore a green uniform while Wirres wore gold and black. Feithe was Sali Wirres. Sioneh and Hakere arrived third. Sioneh had her daughter in a sling across her chest. Hakere wore a gold Salidihm uniform.They had named the child Vallan. Sabere and Zoey teleported in. She wore a blue and purple Salidihm uniform. She had long purple hair in a braid. The meeting was held on the Height. It was easily accessible and the location of Avalon was secret. Faith stood in the middle of the planning room. She'd modeled after the war room of the X- men universe. "Thank you for coming, this concerns all of you either by origin, marriage, or friendship to an insane girl." The group laughed quietly. They all knew Feithe, they'd had to earn her trust. "I now pass the stone to Feithe." Faith said making a reference to a method of Council speaking. You could only talk if you held the stone. Feithe stood as Faith sat. She grinned at the rest of them. "Queen Beryl has made an alliance with the Dark Kerrada or the DK's as we call them. She made this alliance shortly after Jedaite was sent on his Forever Sleep. From that point on the timeline of the Negaverse takes a terrible turn. No one noticed at first because the Negaverse wasn't a lovely spot to begin with." she summarized. "I plan to go and fight before the timeline turned. I would like your help." Jupiter grinned as she pulled her brown hair into a high ponytail. "I'm in. I never miss a good fight." Which was true. Malach asked, "Will this affect our being rescued?" Feithe shrugged. "I know nothing of the temporal mechanics of it, but lets not take that chance." They all agreed. Fane was volunteered to watch Vallan as she wasn't much of a fighter. She agreed. She had faced Beryl before. Faith stood again. "This is an official mission under the Fallendohn. You will all have swords inscribed with the F. Now, Feithe has a plan that might work." *2* Beryl glared at the Dark man. "That is all you can tell me?!" she demanded. He shrugged. "I am corporeal, I can only do so much. You shouldn't have waited so long to call on me." His voice was very cold. "And you shouldn't order me about. I'm not one of your minions." Beryl suddenly became afraid of him. This man was ten times more Dark than her. The truth was, she was afraid to call on a Dark Kerrada, no matter what Myro promised. She'd found a man that could best her and now owned her very soul, given of her own free will. The Dark Kerrada, Shuru, shook his head in annoyance. He'd kill that woman when he had enough control of this universe. There was a mental knock. This was a surprise, his brethren didn't use such simple courtesy. He acknowledged. A Salidihm appeared. She had long purple hair. "You are in violation of the All Inclusive Law that states demons are confined to their own universes. What say you?" He laughed. "I've plenty of evil to feed off of here. I won't leave without a fight." She nodded. "Damned by your own words you are legal prey for DEOS's own. Your fate is sealed." She vanished. He had been expecting such a visit and was not worried. He had taken precautions. * Sabere reported his response. No one was surprised. Jupiter grinned, as she had said, she never missed a good fight. They prepared to move. * Shuru was alerted that something was amiss by the sudden silence. He turned around. Three of DEOS's Own stood before him. Beryl gasped and stood on her thrown. "Malachite, you would betray me?" she asked furiously. She studied the other two. "Zoisite?" From a crowd at the back of the dark cavern, two people emerged. "My Queen," the one with green hair said. "It is not I." The other, a brown haired female, echoed the sentiment. Malach stepped forward. "I am Malach of DEOS's Own. This timeline has been disrupted yet again. I am a time anomaly. With me is what was Zoisite. They have been fixed by DEOS." Shuru glared at them. "That did not take long." he said petulantly. Malach shrugged. "We're simply efficient. I claim this universe for DEOS." Several more Dark Kerrada appeared. Shuru laughed. "Try then," Malach took on the first two. His spiritual sword was guided by DEOS's hand. Sioneh and Zoey took the others. Shuru watched as the Zoi's were overwhelmed. Malach looked disgusted and retreated. The unconscious forms of the Zoi's were dragged to a cell for interrogation. * Beryl's General Nephlite headed towards the cells to interrogate the two prisnors. The thought of doing this to those who looked like people he knew was disturbing. However, it was fatal to go against Beryl now that Shuru was around. The two prisnors smiled as he came in. "Hello," the girl said cheerfully. "How are you?" He was taken aback. He did not expect this from prisnors. He noticed their injuries were healed. Trying to sound cold he said, "Better than you will." Neither seemed affected by his acting. Their lack of fear terrified him. He decided to just start asking questions. "Who sent you?" he asked. The male answered. "DEOS sent us. This mission falls under the jurisdiction of the Fallendohn specifically." "Who is DEOS?" Nephlite asked before he could stop himself. Sioneh grinned, "He is the Almighty God. He is the Creator of everything. He loves you and everything else he made. He saved us from the death that Beryl tried to give us?" "Beryl will try to kill you?" he asked incredulously, again before he could stop himself. Zoey nodded. "It's not hard to believe. Remember what she did to Jedaite. We retrieved him, but he couldn't help us take our home back. The same will happen to the others that fail. And they will fail. DEOS protects the Sailors though they are only Lesser Salidihm." Nephlite took that into consideration. "If he is so powerful, why could you not defeat the Dark Kerrada?" "Because we didn't want to." Sioneh said. "We wanted to be captured." "Why?" Nephlite asked. Zoey gestured to Nephlite. "We wanted to give you a chance for survival. We had to tell you the good news on how you and everyone else can be saved. Otherwise, you will all die." Nephlite knew he should leave before he was indoctrinated, but something rang true about these two. They were so joyful, even in the face of their own martyrdom. He and those he knew were miserable here. He sat down. "Tell me this good news." * Feithe did not entirely trust Nephlite's quick conversion. She said as much to Jupiter. Jupiter smiled gently. "You must remember, in the universe before DEOS intervened, he sides with the Sailors for the love of a girl before he died." Feithe nodded, reluctant to give in. "True, I'll watch him closely." * Nephlite spread the word quietly. Several came and talked to the Zoi's the next day. Even the ones who didn't believe agreed not to fight for Beryl in this. They could tell that Beryl was in over her head and they were all drowning. He released the Zoi's and they left promising to bring help. The six fine tuned their plan and awaited Feithe's order. *3* The six teleported back before Beryl's throne. Her face became as dark as her hair in her fury. Shuru brought back his brethren. "I don't know how you escaped." he said. "But this time you'll die." Sabere and Hakere fought back to back, as did Sioneh and Zoey. The fight leaned again, but this time in favor of DEOS's Own. Malach took on several. Jupiter faced Beryl. "You've caused much trouble and you have much to answer for." She smiled. "I give you a chance to repent." "Nephlite!" the evil Queen screamed. He looked away and helped the Zoi's dispose of some Darkness. Feithe walked towards the dark mass that was pure evil. It hissed at her. "Curse you and your Lord!" it screamed. Feithe smiled serenely. She held her hands up and they were surrounded by pure white light. She spoke quietly, but firmly. "In the name of DEOS's son, Wirres Purity Flare!" The mass writhed beneath the benevolent power and then was completely destroyed. Feithe ran over to her Soulmate just in time for her to see the same thing done to Beryl. They both turned to Shuru who had not yet joined the fray. He teleported away, but they followed and forced his teleport down a few universes away. It was a 1990's America universe. Heavenly beings and demonic forces flocked to their position to see the intrusion, but did not interfere. The combatants didn't notice. They circled him. "Curse you!" he yelled. "By your words," Feithe began. She raised her sword. "You seal your fate." Jupiter finished and her sword followed. They struck at the same time. Their DEOS touched swords destroyed him. He vanished with a scream of horror. A towering angelic being nodded his approval of them. They smiled and teleported back. All the other Dark Kerrada had been dealt with. They all knelt in a circle to pray. Nephlite approached, "May I?" he asked. Malach smiled brightly. "Of course, all are welcomed." Several more people joined the circle. The battle had shown clearly who was Lord. "Dear Lord, thank you for the Victory you have given us. We thank you that you have enabled us to reach more of your children. Lord, Our Father, we are yours." YOU HAVE DONE WELL MY CHILDREN. THE NEGAVERSE IS NO MORE. IT IS TO BE CALLED THE REDEEMED. MY SON NEPEH IS TO LEAD HIS BROTHERS. Then DEOS was gone. "Nepeh?" Feithe asked. The one who was formerly known as Nephlite, smiled. "I changed my name." *4* Back at the Height there was a large party. The castle was packed with DEOS's Own. Faith watched as her heroes mingled with the crowd. She saw that Nepeh was spending a lot of time with Lissa Stan. She laughed to herself. Sabere walked over to her and looked at her inquiringly. Faith calmed herself. "Sometimes I almost believe in fate." she said. "Before DEOS intervened, Nephlite would have fallen in love with a girl named Molly. She is one of Lissa's counterparts." * Feithe talked with Malach. "What will you do now?" she asked. He smiled. "I'm moving back to my own universe. You know, after all the evil was removed, the entire universe changed. It brightened and all the caverns were gone. Our entire universe was reborn." He gestured to where his countrymen were. "They've agreed to come as well. Nepeh is the Leader, but he'll need help." * DEOS surveyed his handiwork and was pleased by his servants. *****
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