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WORDSMITHS! Hotaru is known to be lonely before meeting the scouts. In this story she is befriended by a exchange student from america and her friends who are running a music program at her school. Imani, her friend, is very nice. Haruka and Michiru get the wrong idea. There are four people in Imani's group and they want Hotaru to join. What are thses Wordsmiths really after? And why are they always around during large battles? Find out. Fanart coming soon (as soon as I can scan it in). Chapter 1
Hotaru meets the Wordsmiths. Who is this pretty girl hanging out
with Hotaru?

Chapter 2
Imani is on a trip and Hotaru feels left out. What does Brian have 
to think about this?

Chapter 3

Hotaru and the Wordsmiths start Highschool. Of course, that is they start at Furinken Highschool. Why does Kuno want to kill Hotaru? Why is Imani repulsed by Kuno's efforts to date her? Why is Brian sad about Kuno?

Chapter 4
Kuno is who reborn? What will the Wordsmiths do? And what will the
newest Wordsmith do?

Well, due to help from those on the FFML, Wordsmith Saturn has been revised. It has an extra Wordsmith, no not the Wordsmith Fusion from the previous version. Each member now has a type of magic. This makes more sense and ties up loose ends that were left loose in the previous. It is a crossover with Sailor Moon and Ranma from the start. Just to be fair this fic is written by BEKY SARVER and FAITH SARVER aka Hotaru/Fa. Here is the story. Read on and have fun!

Chapter 2: Explanations

DRAFTS: These are only first shots without much reworking. They need to be wordwrapped.
Chapter 3: Chaos Erupts
Chapter 5: Killing Me With Her Song

Wordsmith of Song/Words is Silenced
   Realize, this is NOT a continuation of the Wordsmith
 story line. This is just what COULD have happened. It does 
pick up with the Wordsmiths but this is NOT the main timeline.
Think of it as an alternate universe if you must.
   Saturn has been killed by Sentinels (X-men). Imani is
beside herself with grief. She sleeps for a month and 
awakens in the X-men mansion. She is pregnant? Will the 
X-men help her get revenge? Includes original characters
(copyright my sister) the Saredehm, who live in a two-fold 
universe. They canot pass to the others without great difficulty.
Hehe, I told you in the introductory paragraph.


Chapter 2
Faith is running a dojo. Imani is running a popular 
singing group. Mutants are being helped. Makoto wants 
to join Faith's dojo? Faith's Saturn (from Faith's universe)
 is making herself at home. Wolverine stops by. A girl from 
Tomobiki wants to join Faith's dojo?
Be afraid, be VERY afraid.

Even this has has a rewrite. It crosses into more series's. The X-men paly a minor role as do the Highlander cast. This goes with the rewrite of the Wordsmiths. (Tetsuo is not there though). It is better written in my opinion. Status: Incomplete
CHAPTER 1: Worth Dying For