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Sailor Saturn's Fanfiction and Pictures!

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10/1/99: Updates include: New chapters of a Smith's Revision
and drafts of incomplete stuff!    

    The BekyX link is my sisters Fanfiction. GO THERE!
    Greetings, Otakus and fanfiction writers. I am here to give a 
page solely dedicated to my and other people's Sailor Saturn/Tomoe 
Hotaru fics and pics. Sailor Saturn, in my humble opinion, is the 
best Sailor.
    If you would lik me to put up a Salior Saturn fic or link to your
Saturn page, or just comment you can email me at
    I am a member of the Fanfiction mailing list under the name
Hotaru\Fa and the address SILVERSPANE@HOTMAIL.COM  All C&C
is welcome.
    Well then, here we go. The Faleoh link is my Fanfic mainpage. The
other is my Homepage. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to 
steal pics.

Cool Sailor Saturn Mythology