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Carbon based life forms have visited times.

shhhhh, Pikachu is sleeping!

Ahhh, good travelers. Do come and take a rest. We won't steal all your money. We have to leave some for the bandits that will assail you as you leave. Oops, did I say that? Never mind..... Our trusty guard will make sure the bandits stay away. See? Here he is. His name is Zeke.

Welcome to the Inferno! This is the home of Sailor Mars and the dragons which have chosen to live here. Beware, if you've come steal what I've already stolen my mage will fry you with his "fireball" or was that bop you with his stick? I'm not sure, which do you think is more threatening?




I have no fanfiction at the moment but I will search. I have many pics though. I do not know how to do thumbnails so they are up full size. You can contact me at Feel free to take the pics, I found them on the web. If I have any pics up that should not be here, tell me and I'll take them off.

I have a poem. It's not quite a Mars poem, or even a dragon poem. It's more of a fire poem.

Opposing Elements
I do not belong
the ground moves beneath me
my head feels light
I sit
around me it moves
ever looking the same
ever unchanged
everso slowly 
changing whats around it

I change rapidly
moving from place to place
leaving a random trail
of possible begginings

But you
of both
changing, changed, unchanged
a balance
I look out
and see
a possible beggining
in a world
that I do not
I look at you
At a possible future
I suppose I could walk with you
a little while...

     I am running from the rains,
     My hair on the wind's cool breath,
     I am running from the thoughts,
     Of pain, darkness, and death.

     I run towards my paradise,
     Full of peace it forever will be,
     The crystal river of ice,
     The Tranquility of the sea.

     The fresh dew covers the earth,
     But the torrents never come,
     I'll never get a burn,
     From the ever burning sun.

     The dragons and birds are friendly,
     Together and in peace,
     The creatures of the water,
     And the roaming beasts.

     The people around are pure,
     Clean of sin and shame,
     The darkness will never reach it,
     Or even learn it's name.

     By the music of the mountains,
     The singing of the sea,
     The shining of the stars,
     And the smiles given me,

     I am sure and utterly certain,
     With no doubt I can see,
     I know I love this paradise,
     Which was given me.


I should have known better
too close to the fire
but the reddish light draws me
but I can't get too close
before I get burnt
I should have known better
I am left 
Maybe next time
I'll know better
I should have known better
to close to the fire...

Fare thee well, traveler. I pray you have enjoyed your stay. I hope it wasn't too hot for you. The Sentinal will guard you until you are past the borders of my lands. After that, I cannot help you. Feel free to return. Here is the Sentinal now.

Please, drop me a line!

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