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Hello! I am Faith Kathrine Sarver. I am 16 and I write poetry
and stories. Below are some of mine. I have two different colored 
eyes and blonde hair. I hope you like the page. You can reach me at Bye!





   We travel down the way,
   Four paths intersecting,
   Spirits that of wild horses,
   Neighing their challenge to the world.

   Joining forces,
   Each gives a hand,
   For a four way clasp,
   Of the hands of close friends.

   Tethered by bonds of stone and flame,
   Together strengthened four fold,
   The ground trembles with our coming,
   Unclaimed by the world.

   Free to lay claim to the world,
   And find those,
   Who like us are free,
   And ready to join us.

   For we are the horsemen,
   Forever bound to each other.

   To each other in the hope,
   That in life's end,
   That we can jump the final hurdles,
   And arrive in the same place.

   And those we encounter,
   On the path we follow,
   Who yearn to follow,
   Are welcome.

   With a unanimous voice,
   The horsemen vote,
   The choice presented,
   In one month's time.

   And e'en thoughmany may not know,
   They be horsemen too,
   Not beasts of burden,
   But untamed spirits.
Collage -By Faith Kathrine Sarver

   I am a picture seen through a glass frame,
   I am hidden behind a pane of clear glass,
   The sight of me is obscured by the images of my life covering the 
   Images of my life layered on top of each other.

   You can see me at age seven dressed as a norwegian,
   I still remember my dog that Thanksgiving,
   You can see my sister dressed as a n Indian,
   I can still remember her long, long, long hair.

   You can see a picture of a girl,
   Who no longer lives in this world,
   But is still seen and remembered on my surface,
   And whom I shall never forget, And whom I shall always remember.

   You can see pictures from my favorite cartoon,
   Dragons and fairies flit into my Aunt's wedding,
   The starship enterprise is forgotten beneath the picture of a 
   R2D2 sits in my sisters graduation photo.

   You cannot see the girl who was my best friend for years,
   Removed from my surface and life for betrayal,
   Once having been with the others, but now removed,
   I still shall not forget her, I shall remember her.

   The conglomerate images of my life,
   Overlapping and hiding the distant past,
   But none of those are me for I hide behind the clear glass,
   I am the obscured picture.

                  Sword- Faith Kathrine Sarver

   Oh my love, my heart,
   Living in the wide, wild embrace,
   Of your dress of silver leather,
   When I take you out,
   You are ready to dance with me,
   And when finished, covered with the sweat of our exertions,
   We stand face to face, drinking in the moment,
   And then my love, I return you to your silver room.

                 Meeting- Faith Kathrine Sarver

   I alone until a meeting,
   With a kindred soul to mine,
   Heart to heart together beating,
   Lives together now do bind. 
                 Norse- Faith K.N. Sarver

  In search of love, search the skies,
   For as Hel says, everyone dies,
   I hunt like Ull with Cupid's arrow,
   Counting on Idun for every tomorrow,
   May Lofn guide me, May Vor show favor,
   And may I not earn the wrath of Var,
   May Balder watch over me, with Eir's eye,
   And when I find him under Nanna's light,
   May Delling see ussafe from night,
   And e'en in Hod's blustery winds,
   May Fjoryn take us in,
   Aegar bless our life's voyage,
   May Njord hold us against Ran's power,
   Frey and Freya, make us many,
   Bragi give us words to speak,
   May Tyr keep his thumb towards heaven,
   And Fereseti give council seven times seven,
   In the end may Hoof Flourisher take us,
   To our reward with all the just.

            The Little Blue Button- Faith K.N. Sarver

   It's small and blue and out of place,
   Sitting beligerantly like the nose on a face,
   I can push it and pull it; it just stays the same,
   Like a magic trick or annoying game,
   Oh, I see, It moves me around,
   Side to side and up and down,
   Why they made this button, I can't say,
   But it's always good when you want to play.

                 Mermaids-Faith Sarver

   Mermaid, mermaid, of the deep,
   Bound your secrets there to keep,
   In the shadows of the waves,
   Lie the ships and sailor's graves.

   Hidden curse from hidd'n ear,
   That should the hidden tear,
   Those now cursed do walk the earth,
   And in search of death do search.

   For immortals mermaids are,
   And the cursed humans share,
   Condemn their kind to sleep etern,
   And in hell I hope they burn.



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