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Silverspane's Fics

Carbon based life forms have visited times.

Abri 2 is posted. For those who asked it is finally here.
Hello ALL! Today is 9/28/99. I am planning a large redo of my page. I will be taking down several of my older fics in the hopes of having higher quality fanfiction here. I am hoping to host other's fanfiction.
My name is Faleoh Serva, I am a little known figure on the fanfiction mailing list (ffml). My name on the FFML is Hotaru/Fa, known for the Wordsmith Saturn series. This series is found on my Saturn page. A rather flashy and large link can be found below.
For those fics that I have not put a chapter up on in foreeeeeeever, I will upload the drafts.
I love responses. To those who have responded, I am trying to find Abri ch.2. I have not forgotten you. I am contactable at

Really Great Fanfics Here!

And here we have SAILOR MOON SOLITARE!!!!!!!!!
 SM Sol 

This is ALL the music from the Japanese and English Sailor Moon!

     Lina Inverse: Darkness beyond twilight, Crimson beyond blood
that flows,
          Buried in the flow of time,
          In thy great name I pledge myself to darkness,
          Let the fools that stand before us be destroyed,
          By the power you and I possess...
           DRAGON SLAVE!

Downloadable: Here we have the "Fashion Speech" of Team Rocket (.wav)
Jesse: To protect the world from boring fashion,
James: To dress all people with flash and passion,
Jesse: To give all pokemon pretty faces,
James: To expand our reach to outer spaces,
Jesse: Salon Rocket, when it comes to shique we know what's right!
James: Surrender your taste or prepare to fight...

Downloadable: The Japanese Version of the DRAGON SLAVE (.wav format)
MY MARS PAGE!!!!!!!!
    Hello folks, we have a new story called the Msir Senshi.
For those who do not study Egyptian culture and mythology, Msir
is what the Egyptians called themselves. This takes our main 
character Shepsu through the seasons of Sailor Moon. She is
living with Rei.
    For those who do follow Egyptian mythology you will notice
that the gods are acting very strange. The deities are loosely
based upon a club I made for a chat room, called the pantheon
but will onle be using orignal gods, even if they are acting weird.
   See the Pantheon
   This crosses into many series' but only rakes a few characters 
from each (Urusei Yatsura: Shinobu, Ranma: Dr. Tofu..)
   Chapter 2 will go up soon, though if it isn't ready I'll put
up the unifinished parts by at least two week from today: July 11,
   On with the show.
Chapter 1: Shepsu's Arrival
Chapter 2: The Dark Road
Shinobu's Tale 1
Shinobu's Tale 2
Hotaru's Tale
Kasumi's Tale
Fight with Beryl

This a major crossover with at least 20 stories in it. Some anime in origin, some not. Come see! (Incomplete and Currently Being Rewritten)

Negaverse Trilogy
     This is the tale of what happened AFTER 
the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse generals "died". The
 character of Sailor Wirres and her companions and
 setting are introduced in  Once upon a Dream .

Negaverse Trilogy

	A Stargate story based on the movie and 
book series (not SG-1, butunderstandable anyway).
What would happen if Daniel had a child he didn'tknow about?

Bastet's Tale

Mercury's Desert
	A Sailor Moon fic involving the planet
 Mercury's hidden half.

Some SM Desrt Fic


This story is the origins of Sailor Ruluth and Sailor Wirres. Two new Sailors that come from where? What's with the languages? Check it out!
Once Upon a Dream

Once Upon a Dream 2! (In Dreaming They Come)

Sailor Zephyr, Abri, has come to visit.
Ranma/SailorM/Original Chars

Abri 2


This story is a Xanth/Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights 
Crossover. It also has Madison and some sailor moon
in it. What it a student at theacademy was from Xanth?


Click on the PIC!

Madison's Tale

	This is an adventurous insertion of an original
character into the Marvel Universe. This explains the
origins of the character of Madison from Crossover.

Madison's Tale Extended History


Watch out! Madison is going universe jumping! 
Run for the hills! Highlander, Tenchi,........


Princess Yassonni Jedi Knight and Abbey Dweller!

Madison leaves Crystal Tokyo, becomes a Jedi them
a joins a human version of Redwall. She dies and
has a child.



A sailor moon/Star Trek: Next Gen cross. Pretty cool 
if I do say so myself.

Sailor Borg

DS9's Newest Visitor

Kira gets a daughter from a planet few know 
anything about. Will be a Ranma\Dirty Pair\Pantheon
AMG cross.

Kira's Daughter
Kira's Daughter2

Crimson Millenium

Before the Silver Millenium was the......Crimson!


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