I like to think that I have some small skill at writing, and a few seem to
agree with me. I prefer to write fanfics that explore the "why"'s of series.

Short Fics

"Serenity's Other Daughter" - a story of the Silver Millenium. This started out as an idea by my sister,
but became more positive. It is very much an alternative universe fic.

"The Faketrix" - a spamfic on the FFML that some people found enjoyable. Its an... odd explanation
of some of the quirks in Sailor Moon.

"Destiny Be Damned" - a post-galaxia shortfic about Hotaru.

The Sword, the Hand, and the Change

This is the promised rewrite of "Japdehm". It is admittedly rather different
from the original, but I think you may find it enjoyable.

This story crosses Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a few
others. The objective: save the earth. The enemies: assorted nasty things from other
universes. The obstacles: the heroes don't get along!

Prologue and Chapter 1
Chapter 2


This is the story of Harley Trent and what she did to the Sailor Moon universe by
just existing. Its funny and romantic (oh, and serious too.) It also has highly
sarcastic overtones.

Also, here are the tales of the past:
Sailor Cynic: Jedaite's Tale

Sailor Cynic: A Tale of Earth

This story takes place between the ends and beginnngs of
Chapters 5,6, and 7 and tells the happenings in Nerima.
Ranma's Tale

And the long awaited sequel: Ranma's Tale Pt 2!

Alterations and Revisions

I can't exactly explain this story, so I'll quote someone else who read it.

"Here is another tale that mixs Ranma and Sailor Moon. But Beky neRichnead takes things slightly differently. She
has chosen to examine the Alterations and Revisions caused by the actions of a powerful but slightly weird computer.
It all starts after the big battle with Beryl. When Princess Serenity made her wish to restore her court to life she
wanted life to be normal for them. The Silver Crystal took that command and tried to fulfill it. But the crystal
is nonthing more then a computer terminal and as the old saying goes "Any one can screw up, but to really foul
things up requires a computer." Rather then wiping their memories the Silver crystal rewrites
them changing the Sailor Scouts from the Beautiful Warriors for love and Justice to the Enchanting Singers of
love songs. Or something like that. Needless to say Luna and Atemis are rather surprised to
wake up one day and find that they aren't the secret advisors to Princess Serenity and her court.
Now they are the managers of the hottest Teen Idol band around and everyone knows them. No one
believes they are cat though. But All was good. Then a Youma arrived. Things rapidly became not so
good. But thats okay. The true parents of the Sailor Scouts were still around. As a matter a fact the
magic taht allowed them to be reborn had arranged for them to all be together. Although I don't think
this is what they had in mind..." Alaric Stardancer.

How it started...

"Alterations and Revisions":
Status: Completed

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Chapter 4 from Q's point of view: AaR: The Tale of a Q

This is basically the sequel to Chapter 4
AaR: Farewell

Several more stories in this universe are planned:

"In the Interim" - the events leading to the end of Farewell;

I've started this one, but its in a odd format. There will be the preludes, one for each important
bunch of characters, and then the main story. Enjoy!

"Truth and Consequences" - the sequel to Farewell, this will tell the story of the new and improved Sailor Moonverse,
the suddenly empty feeling Ranmaverse, and whats happening over in America.

Dirty Pair: Double Vision

This one isn't mine, as much as I wish I could have written it... *sigh*. Ah, well. This terrific
bit of work was written by Captain Exposition.

A Poster By Medallia

I have this story posted in several forms:

Word For Windows (zipped): Double Vision (3 Cycles)

Text (zipped): Double Vision (3 Cycles)

And, for those without WinZip (Text Version):

Also, there is a songfic associated with this story:
DP:DV The Song (tune: Bohemian Rhapsody)

More to come soon... (at least there had better be!)

Bye the way, my sister has her own fanfic page. There's some
pretty good stuff. Check it out!
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